Committed To Kentucky

Capital Link Consultants is a government relations, lobbying, and public affairs services firm located in Frankfort, Kentucky

  • Government Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Organization Development
  • Economic Development
  • Business Development

Government Relations

Capital Link provides clients with experienced consultation and representation at all levels of government within the Commonwealth and in Washington D.C.

Public Relations

Capital Link consultants draw on decades of experience to anticipate and analyze opinions and attitudes that shape issues affecting our clients. Our counsel on matters of policy, courses of action and communication is an essential element of our clients' strategic planning.

Crisis Management

Capital Link clients tend to be innovators, with vision and a willingness to take judicious risks. Our clients – whether trade associations or major corporations or high-profile individuals – must be prepared to encounter obstacles and moments of critical decision.

Organization Development

From strategy to solution, our clients credit our customized interventions and proven workshops for significant transformations. Each is designed to fit our clients' individual needs, scheduling and resources.

Economic Development

Capital Link partners with communities, companies and government at every level on economic development initiatives that move Kentucky forward.

Business Development

Capital Link consulting relationship with a client’s CEO and Board can encompass a client’s broader business development needs. Capital Link draws upon its broad and diverse client base to identify opportunities, broker strategic collaborations, and promote our clients’ business interests in the public and private sectors.

Serving the Commonwealth for over 25 years

Capital Link and its clients are at the table when policy makers wrestle with Kentucky's greatest challenges. In helping to craft the solutions, Capital Link Consultants have built an enduring reputation for strategic vision, intelligence and integrity.

  • Effective & Honest Lobbying
  • Experienced Consultation & Representation
  • Diverse Bi-Partisan Backgrounds